Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Soak it in

It's amazing what can happen on a car ride when you pick up your camera ... (;
The boredom just magically disappears -
So next time you're in the car for a while, roll down that window and soak it all in.

And that's what I'd see over and over again as I looked out that window.
If we've been given such beauty today, heaven isn't even comparable.
Can you grasp that?
Wow. Me neither.

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Monday, October 14, 2013

The Dowdles // Family Portrait Season

Bill + Christin + Allie + Austin

Every year around this time I try to get my family to take some family photos.  See, I love taking pictures *behind the camera* and I'll actually get in front of a camera myself every once in a while.  Let me just put extra emphasis on every once in a while.. I'm convinced that I'm a photographer because I really don't like actually being in the pictures...
You think I'm kidding...oh, but I'm not.
Yes well anyways, this is my family || The Dowdle Family (:
And since you don't get to see a lot of them on this blog, I think I'll just tell you a little bit about these wonderful people.

Momma || This lady is amazing.  She's a teacher to a bunch of little second graders, so you can imagine how much patience she has.  I could sit and hang out with her for hours and hours and hours and hours.  Her personality is golden, and her smile can just light up a room.  And I just wish you could hear her laugh...so genuine, so real.  It's the kind of laugh that just lets go.  It's a very beautiful thing.  I'm telling you, this woman is fearless.  She's always doing something productive, and I have to wonder how she has so much umph inside her.  My favorite thing to watch is when she's having a conversation with somebody.  Whether it's my brother, a co-worker, or my dad, or my grandma, my mom just makes people smile.  You can't have a conversation with my mom without smiling.  She absolutely amazes me.  And I really love seeing her in a moment with God.  You know when you're in the middle of worship and this one song is just lifting up your heart? A couple of weeks ago on a Sunday in church, you could tell that it was just her and God.  She lifted up her hands to God and we just stood there together singing to Him.  When she does something, anything, it will be beautifully done because that's the kind of person she is.  She will be walking down a hall, out in the parking lot to her car, down an aisle in the grocery store, or just wherever...and if there's anyone who crosses her path, she'll look them in the eyes, smile at them, and say hello and then be on her way; but I can honestly tell you that she touches so many people by just showing them that she cares.  I'm really glad that me and my brother have her as our mom...I don't think we could have been more blessed.

Austin || He appears on here every once in a while...he's the only sibling I have, so I'm very gracious when he lets me do a photo shoot with him.  He's a pretty funny kid, I'll have to admit.  He has this sort of glimmer in his eyes whenever he talks to somebody, and it just makes people hang onto every word he says.  He always seems to find a way to see beauty in every little thing.  It just makes me smile.  He's precious, in the way he walks, the way he talks, the way he laughs.  I'll look into his eyes and see the cute little baby boy I once knew.  He's still a little boy, but he is in no means a baby anymore.  He's quite intelligent if you ask me. He's literally a genius, actually...and it blows my mind.  He's always finding some way to impress everyone - and with every attempt, he exceeds all expectations.  He's a really great kid to wake up and find in the kitchen every morning and come home to after sports every night.  He's understanding.  He's eager. He's bold.  And that's the only way I've ever known my brother to be.  Even though he's younger than me, I've looked up to him for quite some time, and I guess that's a pretty big thing for a fifteen-year old sister to say about her eleven-year old brother.  In all honesty though - if you think people are fascinating, you should meet my brother.

Daddy || You know how a child looks up to their dad - that sort of safety and protection that comes with having a father around?  Not only is that the way I feel around my dad but also the way that everyone else feels around my dad.  He's a man that people admire for his courtesy and integrity.  He's capable of being every kind of man.  He's gentle and loving, yet he's strong and firm.  He's a leader in everything he does - it's just in his nature, and he has every bit of knowledge to back himself up.  I mean it's unbelievable how smart and wise he is.  It's inspiring, really - to know that God created people - people like my father - to achieve intelligence of such capacity.  His actions are so graceful and gleaming, and he works hard at absolutely anything he does.  He's a man who shows passion in his work.  And above all, it's evident how much he loves life. And for a man who works as hard as my father to love life as much as he does, it's pretty safe to say that man was created to adore life and for life to adore man in return.  One could easily say that's how the world works, right?  I'm afraid that the world is ours to determine, wouldn't you say?  The world is what we make of it - we are only human, after all.  And my father makes this world a wonderful place, indeed. His actions are inspiring for sure, but even more than that, he himself in all his being is an inspiration in itself.  I was talking with him today, and he told me how he would have liked to have grown up in the city and moved out to a farm when he got older.  I wondered why for a while, not very long before I stopped analyzing his dream and looked at my own.  Would you say it's a coincidence for me to have the same dream as he does?  I've always told myself that I'd go to college in the city - New York City, if things go my way - and then move out to a more rural setting, a farm, maybe.  So my thoughts stopped for a moment when I realized that I myself am just like my dad in more ways than one.  I take after him in the most evident ways.  Apparently, I was just like him when he was fifteen.  Seeing the man my dad is today, I'm astonished at how special a human can be, so I'm very glad to hear that I'm like my dad.  Living in the city, well it will always be my dream.  Living in the country, well it will always be my dad's dream.  For the past fifteen years I've lived in his house, I feel like I've learned more than a daughter could ever dare hope to learn from her daddy.  As for the last four years, I'm quite eager to see what more he teaches me from here.

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Tuesday, October 8, 2013


I'm thankful for the paper man who sits out in the sun swimming in sweat & I'm thankful for the clouds dancing their rhythm in the sky.  I'm thankful for yesterday's tomorrow and tomorrow's yesterday.  See, I'm very thankful for today.  Just like today has its own artistic remedies, tomorrow will, too.  And so it is with confidence that I can say to make each day your masterpiece.

It's a story of truth.  We're never sure just how much of a difference we're truly making on a daily basis.
We keep bending over backwards just to discover what we already know, hoping that the next time we'd find something different - a world that no one would dare touch.
And aren't these the moments we live for - to find something different?
Do it, I dare you.
Find something different & use that to create your masterpiece.

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