Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Catching Up!

        Wow, it feels like I have been to the other side of the world and back.  I've had the busiest schedule with so many practices and trips that I've barely been able to breathe.  The start of school is TODAY, and it should all slow down to a point, but life never really slows down, does it?  Life catches you in a series of events, and one day you just open your eyes and see for the first time that everything is amazing.  Life is amazing.  I think of this -- to live full out, even if that means making a sacrifice ... or two, or three, or four. Life will always go onto the next day until we've allowed God to make us worn out, for then He will call us home.  At some time, you just hit the point where you lift your head up for the first time in your busy schedule and realize that you couldn't feel more blessed and in awe of life ... because it is, without a doubt, a beautiful adventure.

^^ THAT boy up there ... he's my brother - the only brother, the only sibling I have, and he couldn't be more precious to me.  But let me tell you, it's amazing to watch him play sports - and let me also tell you, each and every sport a boy can play, he plays it.  

When I watch this kid play a sport ... I mean, wow.  He plays with his heart on the game.  So there's this quote & it goes something like : 
"Surprise them all by doing what none of them thought you could do."  
My brother?  Well, he sure does surprise me.  He has so much talent.  It's funny because my favorite part about photographing him during a game is the crowd of fans I always get in the background.  Baseball, football, basketball, soccer, lacrosse ... really, you name it.  My brother is swinging a bat, catching a pass, stopping a goal ... all that athletic ability wrapped up in one game-changing play ... and the people in the background of every photograph are just beaming for him.  He really is amazing, and not only because he's my brother but because this is who he is - he's a game-changer ... in life & in the game.  All I can say is that I couldn't be more blessed.  I love you, brother.

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