Wednesday, June 26, 2013

DoN't LeT mE fEaR wOnDeR

Hello, all! It's Thursday & I leave for the beach tomorrow ( yaya! ), but before I go, I needed to share some pictures from the lake ... and also share another part of my book! Yes, it's coming along, I promise!  I thought I'd share a little about the process, too.  You see, writing a book is not nearly as easy as it sounds. At first, you think all you need is a story line and some characters and you're set, but let me tell you something -- it takes a bunch more than just the facts.  Writing a book takes heart. WHAT, okay so who said I actually had to be connected with the story??  R E L A X ~  because the connection is absolutely the best part of it all.  For me, writing this book is letting go ... letting go of a lot of things I no longer need to carry around.  I'm writing about dreams that will always be dreams, stories that just sit in my brain and clog my train of thoughts.  I'm writing about things such as people disguised as characters, so I can portray how great they really are in real life.  Writing a book is almost like writing my life - plus all the extra cool stuff (:  I'm glad I finally found a place to elaborate my thoughts ... my brain needed some major rest from its wandering.  AlRiGhT, aLrIgHt --- here is the excerpt.

::   Excerpt from Allie's Book (still working on that title!)   ::

        I'd like to think that this is the place where everything's good and everything's safe, but around my corner is a thief lurking about as if his only mission was ever to steal; and around every corner is something even greater than the innocent truth, though we never really know which corners to turn and which to let be - so we end up curious and lost as if it were our purpose just to wonder.  And they all ask themselves what would happen to them if they surfaced with the reality that wonder could never be good enough, that maybe we were meant to toss around at night in our sleep and tiptoe in broad daylight just so we would end up face to face with our questions.  And maybe even their own thoughts were impossible to understand because they didn't want to understand them - simply because they were afraid of what the thief would steal if they allowed themselves to wonder.  What would happen if one of us were to peer around the wrong corner and end up wishing we hadn't?  I need someone to help me believe that it's okay to fall deeply into your thoughts without the fear of going missing.  

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Monday, June 17, 2013

A Beautiful Ordinary

Wow, lots of pictures today, I know.  Do me a huge favor & try getting to the bottom (: 
 I went on a walk looking for inspiration.  You see, sometimes we must slow down.
Sometimes, we must remind ourselves to find beauty in the ordinary.
To see what no others have the imagination to explore is to see magic.
s l o w  y o u r s e l f  d o w n .  y e s ,  t h a t  m e a n s  y o u .
& remember this ... 
[ ... when you're looking and you just can't see ]
[ ... when you're listening and you just can't hear ]
[ ... and when you're thinking there's nothing left you can discover ]
[ ... when you get to the end of a hard day or when you forget how to hope ]
... think of whatever it is that makes you want to be great.
Don't spend your time hoping to experience life; go out and experience it, especially in those little things - especially in the ordinary because that's where you'll find something plain and make it - and make you -extraordinary.

Monday, June 10, 2013

An Excerpt

Hello & welcome!  My brother was so very kind to let me photograph his sweet little self.  He is truly so personable & friendly -- sort of considered under the outreach type.  He has the cutest little personality that just adores life, and believe it or not, he's teaching me a great deal about that big thing called life.  He's teaching me a whole lot that I can't describe to you in words - you know, it's that astonishing I-can't-believe-he's-only-ten kinda stretch.  If I could type what a wonderful person he's growing into, believe me, I would; but for now, I'll entertain you with a different interest.

For those of you who don't know me, I love writing & photography.  It was only recently that I decided to take up an adventure - see, I decided to write a book.  Below is an excerpt from an untitled creation of my imagination ... wait now, did you get that?  Yep, that's right.  You read it like it was written, I promise//a book!  In the most genuine honesty I can pull out for you, writing a book has always been the sort of thing I tell myself won't ever be completed.  If you've read the 'about me' page, you know I lOvE to daydream.  I mean, let's be real, who doesn't?  So you can only imagine how long I write before I decide to totally flip the story.  Anyway, back to that excerpt.  Enjoy it, my friends! & have a wonderful week!  xoxoxo.

::   Excerpt from Allie's Book (a more permanent title will come soon!)   ::

        I'm the girl who believes - in everything, at that.  I believe in the sun when it subsides into the clouds just like I believe in the sound of laughter to heal all those broken hearts.  What it is to believe is almost equivalent to what it is to exceed the excess - the excess of beauty from the outside in.  I'm the girl who accepts that brokenness can bring a greater life than a comforting presence of steadiness.  It's not the innocence of a sixteen-year-old speaking, for my words come from a simple desire - a desire to make the world's reality a little more like my dreams.  I'm the girl who will sit in the corner of her room for hours, just imagining the world with my influence marked upon it.  I've come to a realization about all those people who think art and inspiration can't change the world.  It's why they seem miserably shallow - they lack art, definition, expression.  They lack passion.  My generation is one that has discovered the beauty of creation.  It's innovation, really; a type of innovation that cures the soul.  This is the innovation that enhances the identity of an artist, as in the same way it inspires them to change the world by their performance as creators.  I'm an artist in every way, shape, and form.  Not only am I Marie Conley, I am the Marie Conley, and I plan to transform your untitled creation into art.

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