Tuesday, May 7, 2013

a [ girl ] with a dream

I want to inspire people.
I bet you've heard that a lot, huh?
But see, I want to be different.
I bet you've heard that a lot too, am I right?

Ya know, I want people to look at me and have the audacity to tell me, "Because of you, I didn't quit on my dreams."
I want to persevere so far that I could inspire others to make themselves great -- to do great things, to feel great things, and to become something great.  It might be heard from a lot of people, but this girl right here is willing to start her dream right now on this blog.  

Photography?  Writing?  Photo Journalism?  Faith?  Inspiration?  New York City?  Columbia University?  Travel?  Mission work?  

SO many dreams that sit in my mind, but how can I start to make them real?  
I can soar where I am while I can.  Wherever I am able, I must do.  
Yeah, so I'm only fourteen years old, and college may be four years away, and a career may be even longer away; however, that doesn't mean I can't do what I love right now where I am.  

Photography?  love it.
Writing?  love it.
Serving?  love it.
One day, could they all three become one, my life?

Just a few photos to inspire you to pursue what you love, no matter how old, how young, how talented, or how much you still have to learn.  Pursue your desires, and create the opportunity where it seems one could never be found.  

I know I have a dream, and so do you.
I just have one question.  


  1. What inspiring post and lovely photos! Visiting from Communal Global and following my dreams. ;)

  2. I love your attitude... keep at it, go for it! If only all young persons think like you do. :)

  3. Lovely photos and so up lifting... visiting from Communal Global and thanks so much for visiting my blog....

  4. I still have dreams at 55 but obligations get in the way...I hope you realize all of your dreams!

  5. Your Words and Pictures are inspiring and beautiful ... Following our dreams is the only way to get closer to seeing the come true one day!