Saturday, May 4, 2013

5 Simple To-Do's

How do you make your day better? 
5 simple things:

1. Invite your fear in.
Fear?  It's totally not worth it.  Do yourself a favor and just be.  The more we decide to let go of what we're afraid of, the bigger of a person we become.  And really, what more could we want in life than to become someone who we can be proud of?  I say challenge your fear -- don't let it challenge you.

2. Change your mood.
Try jumping up and down & cheering.  Try yelling at the top of your lungs & bouncing.  I'm not kidding!  The key is to change your perspective in order to change your mood.  It might look silly, but hey, you've got things to conquer.  Internalize the feelings around you and your atmosphere, and spin it into a positive effect.  

3. Ask why?
The more you ask the question "why," the further you get to uncovering real answers.  As often as you ask why, you will discover an honesty within yourself that will surface you with inspiration.  Being honest with yourself is inspiring, even if it brings you to an answer you didn't really want.

4. Think like a kid.
What's the difference between a kid and an adult?  Well, let's say that an adult is walking down the street and encounters a puddle.  The adult will veer around the puddle and get angry at its existence; however, a kid...well, he'd dash right in.  And not only with one foot but with two, laughing joyfully the whole time.  So think like a kid, and more than that, act like one.  Contrary to popular opinions, you do have enough time in the day to be a kid again.

5. Give free hugs.
Keep this gem close in your heart.  A hug is a blessing that comes from pure generosity.  Why don't we see more people giving free hugs?  Well, the question is really if we're too afraid to be embarrassed.  I don't know about you, but I would love some humility.  A hug?  You may not think so, but it sure can make a difference.  Give someone a free hug today just because they need & deserve it...along with brightening their day, it will make your day shine, too!

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