Sunday, April 28, 2013

& then one day she's moving to California

Dear Samantha,
  Having a best friend is a blessing.  They teach you to be compassionate when it feels nearly impossible.  They show you what it means to love when in anger.  They help you to exceed above what others think.  Believe it or not, they reveal to you more of your identity than anyone else does.  Sammy, you are not only my best friend but my sister.  Yes, we do still fight sometimes, but the motivation behind our bickering is that we are both too ashamed to give into the disguised appreciation we have for one another.  I really am blessed to be able to call such a strong, responsible, independent girl my best friend.  You have so much to offer the world, including your personality, humor, intelligence, athleticism, and loyalty.  The most exciting part that I am looking forward to about our friendship in the future is to see it grow closer and closer to the Jesus-centered relationship that will allow us to maintain strength as you move to California.  I get to watch us struggle and persevere through the tough times when the realization strikes that we are no longer permanently around each other all the time.  I cannot wait for the day when we can share in a moment together again; being that you will be approximately 2,159.2 miles away as of the end of June, I will cherish all the experiences of our past and the treasures of our future.  From the day we decided to be best friends until now, I can see just how much I would never have been able to do without you.  I have looked through a countless number of pictures where my face is filled with pride and joy to be standing next to the girl who would one day become my closest friend, and I was not even aware of how much you would come to mean to me.  I gaze at the pictures and realize that I am staring right into my own eyes, as I flashback to the times when I was searching for a best friend.
       And you remember being seven years old and dreaming of the day you would meet your lifelong best friend -- the person who would stick by you through those dark days and show up at your weakest hour, just laughing at all the times to come.  And it was in that moment when you realized that she was only a spitting image of yourself, and you were proud to say that the girl standing next to you would be called your best friend.  See, a best friend is someone who inspires you to be a better version of yourself.  She looks at you with the intention of doing everything she can to make you shine, unselfishly praying that you could achieve your dreams with ease.  I couldn't live without you, Samantha.  I will love you forever & miss you bunches!


  1. Beautiful portraits and a moving message.

  2. Beautiful portrait series and a moving message!

  3. You can have lots of friends but you only have one bestfriend to call the best. treasure your friend.Beautiful pictures.

  4. Such a beautiful post! Best friends are a true treasure :)