Thursday, March 14, 2013


She was such a strong, beautiful girl for marrying a man like my father.  
They were a mystery, indeed - two different souls conjoined with the infinite "I do."  
This man had become the one God intended for her to have.  
Although so very different, love had never grown so joyfully before.  
The man in these memories had never smiled so graciously except when next to my mother.  
He stood firm at the altar in his pride to be her husband, to have and to hold for better and for worse.

Life means more to them when they are together.  
They smile and laugh while giving each other the glimpse of competitive edge.  
You can see it in their eyes when they look at each other, their passion.  
Suddenly, I'll find myself in awe of their commitment, just staring into the future they have yet to live.  
It's not any old ordinary marriage; it is destined for much more.  
Appointed by the words of Christ and gathered into the arms of His love, their marriage is some adventure, alright.  They have their ups and downs like any relationship does, but with my mother and father, it is guaranteed that their love will always overcome out of their honor towards one another.
It's special to realize when your parents are united in genuine happiness, as more of the world today is unfortunately found adapting to fit the customs of brokenness.

I would've liked to have known them back then- who they were, what they believed in, how they grew; though, that is the pleasure of being a daughter--one can wonder.  

I wasn't the wedding, that is.  I was a year away from this world, known by my Creator yet still a mystery to  my parents.  If I could have been there at the wedding - someway, somehow - I would have been ecstatic to see my dad marry his joy.  Both parents of the bride and groom must have been so pleased that their children had made a home within the other's love.  While standing before the minister, they both made a promise to hold the other's heart and never close the book to their story as long as they both shall live.

Now, there is a house -- a home.  A midst their story they have worked to write, two children became their dearest pride and treasures.  On the edge of the country, in a kitchen full of roosters, a family sits before the television watching the favorite show Duck Dynasty.  Instantly, life means so much.  Within each other's presence, a family is woven.  Everything is changing within the lives of the characters, yet their promise still remains.  Even as their story develops and they watch their children grow to write their own stories, their love only grows stronger.  



  1. Aww so lovely. You are an excellent writer. Your sweet thoughts flow beautifully. You're parents look very young.

  2. Yes, precious pictures, wonderful.

  3. This was just lovely! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog in the Rurality Blog Hop and leaving your kind words there for me to read.
    ~Lynne "a "new" Jersey Girl"

  4. a beautiful tribute to your parents, loved it. Thank you for sharing your lovely blog at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop xo