Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Representation

As Christians, we have made a promise to serve Christ and extend his love to others.  We often get so distracted  by our emotions, activities, and problems that we are too consumed in ourselves to reach a hand to someone else.  We tend to fall back in the position of our promise to God.  

As the body of Christ, we are appointed to help each other follow his will for us in Christ Jesus.  Why do we ignore the biggest calling God has placed on our hearts?  Do we really think it's okay to go around saying and doing things that represent Christ in a negative way?  

When we call ourselves Christians only to go out in the world and trash the title, we give Christ a hypocritical meaning to others.  Where are our desires implanted?  If we desire a relationship with Christ and to love him wholly, then we should be willing to put effort into living up to the Christian he expects us to be, without misinterpreting the faith.

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