Friday, January 25, 2013

You Found Me

Hands tingle in an intertwined escape.        
Eyes flicker with the excitement of enjoyment.
Hasty grins share in the likeness of true love.
Forever might actually last forever.

Unending love, amazing grace.
Washed away by the power of Christ,
and casting a light over all of creation.
Slowly fallen in awe of perfection.

Kneeling before a throne, I cry.
You're here in this place.
You're everywhere, but where are You?
I can't see, I'm blind.

Will this last forever?
 Could there be a way to find You?
I sink below the surface.

I laugh, I cry, I smile, I frown.
I'm utterly amazed.
In all the time to search for You,
You found me.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Faces of Memphis

It's a totally different place.  I stepped out of my car's passenger seat and entered into the world of trolleys and tracks.  City horns and loud soul music blasted over the entire street of uniqueness.  The trolleys glided through the city and seemed to bury the burdens of its passengers under the cold, hard ground.  Faces lit up with the rich cultural identity that had been ingrained into their souls.  These people lived, breathed, and died of music.  

You step out of the crowd and become an unfamiliar face among the many talents of musicians, artists, filmmakers, photographers, and dancers only to realize that you are very much the same as them all.  They all crave to be somebody, to do something great with their lives, and to leave a legacy as great as the beaten road put before them to follow.  

It's diversity.  
A land full of both tourists and domestics engulf the melody and arise to a sea of tapping feet, swinging hips, and rocking heads.  You look down the street to see a group of people dancing across the historical hometown in which they came.  It's magnificent, really.  It's a place to call a home.  It's a place to find the faces of Memphis, Tennessee. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Representation

As Christians, we have made a promise to serve Christ and extend his love to others.  We often get so distracted  by our emotions, activities, and problems that we are too consumed in ourselves to reach a hand to someone else.  We tend to fall back in the position of our promise to God.  

As the body of Christ, we are appointed to help each other follow his will for us in Christ Jesus.  Why do we ignore the biggest calling God has placed on our hearts?  Do we really think it's okay to go around saying and doing things that represent Christ in a negative way?  

When we call ourselves Christians only to go out in the world and trash the title, we give Christ a hypocritical meaning to others.  Where are our desires implanted?  If we desire a relationship with Christ and to love him wholly, then we should be willing to put effort into living up to the Christian he expects us to be, without misinterpreting the faith.

Sunday, January 6, 2013


There is a decision that occurs within us all of whether we decide to be well-defined by other’s opinions or the personal truth of knowing who we are as individuals. 

It is in the sincere, heartfelt, and splendid months of summer that we enjoy ourselves and grow up to be older than we were yesterday yet younger than tomorrow; however, it is the cold, bare months of winter when we are dared to evaluate our worth and the influence of people’s opinions on shaping our identity in who we have become. 

Not always are we thrilled with the answers we uncover about our dishonorable choices that have brought us to see the face in the mirror at the end of each day. 

A new sacrifice arouses within our hearts when we figure that we have developed into someone who we do not want to be; it is a sacrifice of which fear controls emotions and hammers the known image of how we always imagined ourselves into our naïve minds, a place where we know that we can never live up to such perfect imagery of our potential. 

While we keep knocking cowardly at the door of our future, we forget to acknowledge the kind of person that has grown to knock upon the door in which beholds our lives. 

Before we begin to appreciate our purpose, we collapse under the hurdle of thinking that others know us better than we know ourselves.  We are only who we let ourselves believe.