Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Hello everyone! Happy Tuesday! Oh, & Merry Christmas Eve! 
To start off the week, I have a few things to say about art ...

Art is not immature.  It's spontaneous & purposefully unclear, at times.  It's a language that very few know how to use effectively.  In fact, it's left so undefined that people are forced to define it for themselves.  And a good artist is one that can draw out truth in a person they've never encountered.  It's through all the purpose an artist pours into their work that the audience extracts their own epiphany.  It's not all about mastering the art but mastering the language of people.  I don't think we ever really fully get it right.  We do and don't according to what feels like it's supposed to be.  There are no rules, no limits, nothing to contain the talent.  It's just the artist & their art.  

{ So for all of you wonderful artists, thank you for your art! }

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Oh, Sweet Simplicity

He's the most intriguing storyteller I've ever known.  He talks slowly, with passion and sweet remembrance like every tale is the best tale he could tell.  A curious kind of voice with which he speaks, a voice that inspires us to ask for more words.  You just feel like you're living inside this story with all its action & emotion & chaos.  With every story he tells, good or bad, it's all made him who he is today - looking at us with bright eyes sharing a part of his world.  It's all changed him for the better, crafted with such care by God's design.  With our storyteller, no silence is uncomfortable - we just wait & wait for more words to overflow from his past.  Today & everyday after, we recall upon his stories and dwell over how pleasant it is to live this life.

Life is simple here. The firewood burns quick, the conversations run long, & the stars always shine.  Night after night, it's all the same.  A new kind of love for life, love for simplicity.  Stories from long ago & memories of how things used to be linger long after it's been said and done.  Gentle laughs & thankful hearts embrace this place we call our home.  This is how you love.  This is how you live.  This is what it means to be alive. Happy Thursday, sweet friends!

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Monday, December 2, 2013

Beautiful Embrace

These people are beautiful people. They love to laugh & love like no other group of people I've seen.  
Do you see that sweet dad holding his precious baby - and some of his other children lined up beside him? Wow, what people to call family.  And those two joyful souls with delicate smiles - the grandparents everyone wishes they had - unbelievably generous with smiles, hugs, & wisdom.  
My mom, my dad, my brother up there, too - gleaming with joy for these precious people.  

I am quite overjoyed to have stood, hand in hand, as a part of this family circle.  They're a people of creativity, knowledge, delicacy, and warmth.  They're a people of Jesus.  
With hands linked in a beautiful embrace, we prayed to God - and I can assure you in that moment, that I was so blessed to be able to know & love these people.  Individually crafted by a beautiful Creator we stood there together, in our differences & our joy, and we gave thanks.

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


God instructs us to, "Watch with me, not for me."
His divine plan is more than perfect for our lives; 
however, in order to see his plan, we must do something significant -
"We must decrease, and He will increase in the power of Jesus Christ."
See, God is orchestrating the succession here, so we must fully commit to his leadership.

And most importantly, 
sometimes we have to give something away in order for God to grant us something new.
What do you need to give up?
- a relationship, a dream, maybe?

When God is the one we serve, we have to let go in order to see what he will do next.
It's a radical sort of love, is it not?

I wish you all a wonderful day, folks.