Sunday, November 11, 2012

All the Glory

I walked outside on this beautiful day and caught myself standing in the midst of any typical autumn afternoon; however, today felt different.  I was standing in a yard surrounded by auburn leaves on the ground, on the trees, and in the air.  The strong wind was picking up my hair and sloshing it from one shoulder to the other.  I dramatically struggled to keep balanced on both feet.  I felt moved to be blessed enough to graciously stand in the presence of our God.  He was all around me, and my eyes were experiencing a wonderful gift.  The gift of a typical autumn day had swept me off my feet before I even realized of its beauty.  Today, God reminded me of why I fell in love with Him to begin with.  It is days like these that keep me in awe of how wordless I fall when He stands before me.  If an autumn day on earth can feel like this, I can only imagine what heaven holds.       



  1. Love the arbors and vines -- must be amazing to walk through and admire the flowers.

  2. That flower with webs under it was a great one. I had to stare at it. I see you know Nancy. Me, too. But I found you via "show off your shot". Nice to meet you.