Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Fall Down

At some point in our lives, we all fall down.  We fall for failure, we fall for grace, we fall for temptations...but we all fall in some way.  The best fall is when we fall before Jesus, surrendering not only our hearts but our entire lives.  Merciful love extinguishes all worry, fear, pain.  No longer lost but found...we are found due to a fall.

Falling, free.
Jumping off of two tall buildings marked with a majestic name.
Flames surrounding you, nowhere to go.
Your mind races, and you have no answers.
Ash clouds the air, firefighters diving in to save who they can.
Some lose their lives while trying to save others.
Fear is scattered through the perimeter, disabling all chances of clear vision.
You stop to say a prayer.
As you open your eyes, free falling, time stops, and you are hovering in mid air.
There is no time to look up, down, anywhere.

You fall to the feet of Jesus.
You catch a glimpse of glory and sudden peace before it becomes real.
There could never be a greater home than that of ours in heaven.
Courageous acts bring this nation together in unity.

Never forgotten.

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