Saturday, September 15, 2012

Unconditional Gift

                               Unending Love.  Amazing Grace.  An Unconditional Gift.

Let whatever you do be done in love, for without love, you are void.
Let all you do be done with grace, for without grace, you are vacant.
Let all things be completed with a heart of gratitude because you are given a gift that no one else can give you...
however, this is not just an ordinary gift, it is an unconditional gift.

There are all of these debts we owe to him.  How could we pay him back for doing such a thing as dying for us?  We love.  We love him and others with all we are.  We give our lives to HIM so that he can use us to glorify his great works.  Wow, he is so good.  Even when I am in a lonely place, I can't deny how good he is.  His love is so strong that it picks me up when I have no hope at all.  Even when I fade, God is constant...and so is his love.  God is love...and He is forever.

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