Sunday, September 23, 2012

True Beauty

Where does beauty come from?  Does it come from looks, or does it come from the heart?  Everyone says it comes from the heart, but what does that really mean?  How can beauty just sprout up from my heart?

Beauty isn't found in me, alone.  I am a sinner.  What beauty is in that?

The beauty found in us does not actually originate from us.  This beauty does not come from what I look like, and it surely doesn't come from my good works, but from His.  The beauty comes from Jesus's mark upon my heart.  Even though I am a sinner, I am beautiful because of the amazing grace that only He can perfectly understand.

Yes, we are all beautiful.  No matter how many times someone says it, what you look like does not affect how beautiful you really are.  This world persuades everyone into believing that beauty is only about looks, but that is just another one of Satan's lies.  Get rid of it, and push it away.  Let it be gone from your world.  God's grace is just itching to reach you, but you have to let it in.  Let the beauty shine in you for everyone to see.  Once God marks your heart with His name, everyone can see what good things He has planned for His beautiful children.

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