Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Good News

 In a world that is still experiencing the struggle, our hearts are longing for hope and desperate for freedom.  Our hearts are looking for salvation.  The good news is that Christ can give us all three:  hope, freedom, salvation.

The struggle.
That's what this life is, a struggle.
It is not easy, but it isn't always hard.
What would we be without pain, anyway?
Honestly, we would be even more corrupted than we already are.
Once again, the good news is that Christ doesn't look at us through our corruption.
God forgives us when we ask for forgiveness and forgets our sins altogether.
Do you feel blessed yet?  I do.

There is this desire inside my soul that only He can fill.
I falter, I fall down, and I hold onto this sacrifice He has made,
The sacrifice where He saved my soul.

Grace means we are free to struggle and not struggling to be free.
His blood has freed our chains.
That sounds backwards, but our God is not a backwards God.
This world is consumed by sin, and that is the backwards part.
We people are exposed to all that goes on in this world, so why can't we stand up for what we know is right?
Why do we sit and watch ourselves sin time, after time, after time?
We recognize it, and we are lured into sinning again...but why?
Why do we sin when our God is free of sin?

Well, I think we sin so that we learn that our God is more powerful than we will ever be.
He can easily stand away from sin when we can't go a day without doing it.  

...but don't worry.  There is even more good news.
God does not see us for the mistakes that people of this world define us by.  
He sees us through grace.
Wow, if I could see everyone through grace, I can't even imagine how different everything would be.

Do you understand the measure of this good news?  It isn't just a story for entertainment.  This is absolutely real.  As I sit here and type this all out, I am having a hard time finding the words to describe the greatness of this good news.  God is so, so good.  I cannot even explain in earthly words how amazing He is.  

Ask yourself this:  "Do I even recognize how blessed I am?"
Do you?
You don't need money to be blessed.  You don't need clothes to be blessed.  You don't need a house to be blessed.  And you don't even need food to be blessed.  The blessing we will always have is that God welcomes us with open arms...all the time.  All you have to do is run into his embrace.  Let it soak you up...let that peace surround you.  Become a part of His heart.  Let his pure smile become the sparkle in your eyes.  Recognize the blessing that is right at your fingertips...and never let it go.

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