Monday, September 3, 2012

A Masterpiece

Come to HIM and find rest.  
With all of your heart, seek HIM.

My hands bounce back and forth off the keyboard like a bouncy ball flies up and down through the air.  I sit and imagine the endless possibilities to where my creativity can take me.  At the center of every word, every sentence, every paragraph lies the identity of a fourteen year old girl.  I search through the clutter of my imagination where I try to seek this God, but I cannot see him through all of this clutter.  I keep searching to discover where I can find myself, what I am passionate about, where my future is headed.  I cannot find...there is too much clutter within this head of mine.  

So I clear my thoughts.  I ask that my thoughts become His.  I find rest within His presence.  I sit and listen to the glorious sounds of His kingdom.  Never before have I felt so at rest.  I enjoy the few moments of His peace until I am consumed by the activities of this world, racing to another event.  The clutter returns like it never left.  Where do I go now?  What do I do?

I continue to seek.  I look even deeper, searching even harder than before.  I find myself back at the computer with my hands on this keyboard and a blank page staring back at me.  There are an endless number of my thoughts to incorporate on this paper.  Right here, right now...I seek.  I seek Him.  With all my heart invested in this love, I find Him.  He whispers to my soul like the crickets sing into the night.  Here I am, unwritten.  I have no idea where my future is hidden, I do not have a clue as to what defines me, and I am blinded by this love because it is all I see.  All of a sudden, my hands start flooding with words, sentences, paragraphs.  Within His presence, He is giving me the words that need to be said.  I type it all out on this paper and stare back at the masterpiece that He has created.

He is using me whether I see it or not.  I cannot tell who is being impacted, but I know that I am being used by Him.  I can feel it deep within my heart.  I might get distracted from seeing His creation, but there will never be a day where He is not on my mind.  Never will there come an hour where I want nothing more than to find myself in His embrace.  I call out to Him...not matter how many times I think He is not listening...He is still there.  I'm just not looking hard enough.  So I will search harder...I will search with all my heart...and I will find.

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