Sunday, September 30, 2012

Open Up to Love

God is Love.

It is the friend that walks with you when it feels that no one understands.
It is always worth the faith it takes to believe.
When the world tries to push you away, you still have love.
Love wants to heal you by helping you welcome the real you...
but you have to open up by deciding to accept love.

Friday, September 28, 2012

A Majestic Creation

Only He could do something as majestic as this.  He carefully created everything to fit the mighty love He shows in everything He does.  He tells the sun where to shine, the moon where to glow, the flowers where to sprout, and the clouds where to float.  The very same God who lets the world turn is telling our hearts to trust Him.  We hear His whisper, but we don't always listen.  He is the holy one who is all-knowing and powerful, and He knows best.  If we could learn to listen, we would be filled with His wonderful presence.


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

I Choose Jesus

I Choose Jesus
Artist:  Moriah Peters

I choose Jesus.
The one who first chose me.
I choose Jesus.
For now and eternity.
I stand unashamed.
Trusting in one name.
I have seen the cross.
And I believe.
He chose to love me when I felt unlovable.
He chose to reach me when I felt unreachable.
He carried me out of my fear and doubt.
How I want the world to know, I choose Jesus.

snapshot and a song

God Is SO Great

God is so great.
Those moments when God just floods all of you...those are the moments we remember.
It's that simple grace that brings us joy.
Wow, I have known our God for a while now, but His mercies never cease to amaze me.

It's the moments when God's grace floods all we are when we clearly see who He wants us to be.  If we would just lift our heads from the ground more often, we would be so amazed by the graces he performs.  There is beauty all around us, and we would really see it if we gave ourselves the option.  Lift your eyes today, and challenge yourself to see God's wonders.  Your day will just brighten by the second, I promise.  Choose to see through God's eyes instead of your own.  It's so much more clear!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

True Beauty

Where does beauty come from?  Does it come from looks, or does it come from the heart?  Everyone says it comes from the heart, but what does that really mean?  How can beauty just sprout up from my heart?

Beauty isn't found in me, alone.  I am a sinner.  What beauty is in that?

The beauty found in us does not actually originate from us.  This beauty does not come from what I look like, and it surely doesn't come from my good works, but from His.  The beauty comes from Jesus's mark upon my heart.  Even though I am a sinner, I am beautiful because of the amazing grace that only He can perfectly understand.

Yes, we are all beautiful.  No matter how many times someone says it, what you look like does not affect how beautiful you really are.  This world persuades everyone into believing that beauty is only about looks, but that is just another one of Satan's lies.  Get rid of it, and push it away.  Let it be gone from your world.  God's grace is just itching to reach you, but you have to let it in.  Let the beauty shine in you for everyone to see.  Once God marks your heart with His name, everyone can see what good things He has planned for His beautiful children.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Unconditional Gift

                               Unending Love.  Amazing Grace.  An Unconditional Gift.

Let whatever you do be done in love, for without love, you are void.
Let all you do be done with grace, for without grace, you are vacant.
Let all things be completed with a heart of gratitude because you are given a gift that no one else can give you...
however, this is not just an ordinary gift, it is an unconditional gift.

There are all of these debts we owe to him.  How could we pay him back for doing such a thing as dying for us?  We love.  We love him and others with all we are.  We give our lives to HIM so that he can use us to glorify his great works.  Wow, he is so good.  Even when I am in a lonely place, I can't deny how good he is.  His love is so strong that it picks me up when I have no hope at all.  Even when I fade, God is constant...and so is his love.  God is love...and He is forever.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We Fall Down

At some point in our lives, we all fall down.  We fall for failure, we fall for grace, we fall for temptations...but we all fall in some way.  The best fall is when we fall before Jesus, surrendering not only our hearts but our entire lives.  Merciful love extinguishes all worry, fear, pain.  No longer lost but found...we are found due to a fall.

Falling, free.
Jumping off of two tall buildings marked with a majestic name.
Flames surrounding you, nowhere to go.
Your mind races, and you have no answers.
Ash clouds the air, firefighters diving in to save who they can.
Some lose their lives while trying to save others.
Fear is scattered through the perimeter, disabling all chances of clear vision.
You stop to say a prayer.
As you open your eyes, free falling, time stops, and you are hovering in mid air.
There is no time to look up, down, anywhere.

You fall to the feet of Jesus.
You catch a glimpse of glory and sudden peace before it becomes real.
There could never be a greater home than that of ours in heaven.
Courageous acts bring this nation together in unity.

Never forgotten.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Good News

 In a world that is still experiencing the struggle, our hearts are longing for hope and desperate for freedom.  Our hearts are looking for salvation.  The good news is that Christ can give us all three:  hope, freedom, salvation.

The struggle.
That's what this life is, a struggle.
It is not easy, but it isn't always hard.
What would we be without pain, anyway?
Honestly, we would be even more corrupted than we already are.
Once again, the good news is that Christ doesn't look at us through our corruption.
God forgives us when we ask for forgiveness and forgets our sins altogether.
Do you feel blessed yet?  I do.

There is this desire inside my soul that only He can fill.
I falter, I fall down, and I hold onto this sacrifice He has made,
The sacrifice where He saved my soul.

Grace means we are free to struggle and not struggling to be free.
His blood has freed our chains.
That sounds backwards, but our God is not a backwards God.
This world is consumed by sin, and that is the backwards part.
We people are exposed to all that goes on in this world, so why can't we stand up for what we know is right?
Why do we sit and watch ourselves sin time, after time, after time?
We recognize it, and we are lured into sinning again...but why?
Why do we sin when our God is free of sin?

Well, I think we sin so that we learn that our God is more powerful than we will ever be.
He can easily stand away from sin when we can't go a day without doing it.  

...but don't worry.  There is even more good news.
God does not see us for the mistakes that people of this world define us by.  
He sees us through grace.
Wow, if I could see everyone through grace, I can't even imagine how different everything would be.

Do you understand the measure of this good news?  It isn't just a story for entertainment.  This is absolutely real.  As I sit here and type this all out, I am having a hard time finding the words to describe the greatness of this good news.  God is so, so good.  I cannot even explain in earthly words how amazing He is.  

Ask yourself this:  "Do I even recognize how blessed I am?"
Do you?
You don't need money to be blessed.  You don't need clothes to be blessed.  You don't need a house to be blessed.  And you don't even need food to be blessed.  The blessing we will always have is that God welcomes us with open arms...all the time.  All you have to do is run into his embrace.  Let it soak you up...let that peace surround you.  Become a part of His heart.  Let his pure smile become the sparkle in your eyes.  Recognize the blessing that is right at your fingertips...and never let it go.

Monday, September 3, 2012

A Masterpiece

Come to HIM and find rest.  
With all of your heart, seek HIM.

My hands bounce back and forth off the keyboard like a bouncy ball flies up and down through the air.  I sit and imagine the endless possibilities to where my creativity can take me.  At the center of every word, every sentence, every paragraph lies the identity of a fourteen year old girl.  I search through the clutter of my imagination where I try to seek this God, but I cannot see him through all of this clutter.  I keep searching to discover where I can find myself, what I am passionate about, where my future is headed.  I cannot find...there is too much clutter within this head of mine.  

So I clear my thoughts.  I ask that my thoughts become His.  I find rest within His presence.  I sit and listen to the glorious sounds of His kingdom.  Never before have I felt so at rest.  I enjoy the few moments of His peace until I am consumed by the activities of this world, racing to another event.  The clutter returns like it never left.  Where do I go now?  What do I do?

I continue to seek.  I look even deeper, searching even harder than before.  I find myself back at the computer with my hands on this keyboard and a blank page staring back at me.  There are an endless number of my thoughts to incorporate on this paper.  Right here, right now...I seek.  I seek Him.  With all my heart invested in this love, I find Him.  He whispers to my soul like the crickets sing into the night.  Here I am, unwritten.  I have no idea where my future is hidden, I do not have a clue as to what defines me, and I am blinded by this love because it is all I see.  All of a sudden, my hands start flooding with words, sentences, paragraphs.  Within His presence, He is giving me the words that need to be said.  I type it all out on this paper and stare back at the masterpiece that He has created.

He is using me whether I see it or not.  I cannot tell who is being impacted, but I know that I am being used by Him.  I can feel it deep within my heart.  I might get distracted from seeing His creation, but there will never be a day where He is not on my mind.  Never will there come an hour where I want nothing more than to find myself in His embrace.  I call out to Him...not matter how many times I think He is not listening...He is still there.  I'm just not looking hard enough.  So I will search harder...I will search with all my heart...and I will find.