Sunday, August 26, 2012

God's Call

But don't just soar, soar high.
Aim for the skies beyond the clouds.
Aim for the smile in God's eyes.

But don't just love, love whole.
Aim for the nails within His hands.
Aim for the mark upon our souls.

But don't just praise, praise loud.
Aim for the voices of the angels.
Aim to make our Jesus proud.

But don't just obey, obey with ease.
Aim for the approval of our God.
Aim to fall down on your knees.

But don't just give, give gladly.
Aim to make all people smile.
Aim to make all others happy. 

For this is God's call... big or small, think or thick, easy or tough, weak or strong, sad or happy, we are expected to own up to this wonderful blessing of being unified in Christ.  Fill this call with enjoyment and praise.  Do not let it wash you away because of fear. God is calling you to listen to Him, for He is bringing you to be so much more than you are capable of thinking.  He has bigger plans for you than anyone can even imagine.  No matter how many people do not believe in your potential and ability, do not fall back on the call God has given you.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Beautiful You

Beautiful You.
Oh, how You never cease to amaze me...

How the sun seems to know where to shine, and the moon where to glow;
Oh, how the flowers know how to dance and the rain how to sing;
How the ocean knows just where to flow and how the waves know Your voice;
Oh, how the stars know how to twinkle and it's all because of YOU!

Oh, how my heart cries out just for You.
And the amazement just keeps coming...

How the waterfalls know just where to fall and the mountains where to stabilize;
Oh, every breath I breathe, every beat of my heart, every step I take, every song I sing, every part of me...just cries out how beautiful You are!

Beautiful You...
There is only one like our God.

Friday, August 10, 2012

What Does Love Look Like? - Flower Art Friday

What does love look like?

Love is covered on the hands that shape our futures
Love is expressed through the twinkle of the stars against a radiant night sky
Love is hidden beneath the words that remain unspoken
Love is buried under the tiptoed footsteps that leave the slightest imprints on our hearts
Love is disguised with each cloud in the sky
Love never remains abstruse
Love is the kind of thing that cannot be left unsaid
Love is the one of a kind feeling that comes from eternity with perfection
Love is none other than Jesus.


Tuesday, August 7, 2012


"The LORD is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love."
Psalm 145:8

Desirae R   Live, Love, Travel

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Why am I running?
There is no turning to a place I don’t belong.
How do I escape?
When does it stop?

Why is it so stunning?
I know I am just following along.
I can be reshaped.
But first, I must drop.

I am just now learning.
This is my new song.
Across my heart, it is draped.
I don’t have to come out on top.

I am coming undone.

I am being restrung.