Sunday, July 8, 2012

Unfailing Grace

        This is a crazy world, turned inside out, upside down, and twisted all around.  It can sometimes be so far from God that I just wish I could zap myself into heaven, but I have a purpose that God wants me to fulfill, first, and I am willing to go where He calls.

        We tend to see everybody else through the law, when we expect God to see us through grace.  This must be why this world is so backwards.  How can we be seen through grace, accepting all of God's mercies, when we look left and right and pull out our judgement cards upon other people?  We can't deny it because we are all guilty.

        For example, say you are shopping in the grocery store and a man walks down the aisle with a long, untamed beard, rugged and torn up clothes, wild hair down to his shoulders, a piercing in his nose, tattoos covering his arms, and metal chains hung around his neck.  What would you instantly think??  I am ashamed to say, but I would be pretty intimidated and scared.  I'm pretty sure I would think that He didn't know God, but for all I truly know, he could be one of the most Godliest people I know.  That's just the thing:  you never know.  There is no way that we have the right to judge someone when we know nothing about them, yet we do it anyway...even when we know it's wrong.

        So, this just might be why this world is turned around.  We see others and look at them in ways we shouldn't.  How can we allow ourselves to look at people and judge them by their actions, their past, their mistakes...when we are sinners just the same?  We want God to look at us with His grace, which He abundantly gives, but we don't look to see others through grace, too.  Why is this?  Why can't we look at someone and love them for who they are, including their mistakes?  We all make mistakes, and we would want people to treat us with grace, so why can't we treat others like this?  The great news is:  God doesn't look at us in the same way we may look at others.  He freely hands His grace to us, and we are grateful for that.

I challenge you this:  go through this week and try to avoid judgement.  Think about grace and mercy and what God gave for you anytime you start to judge someone.  God has never looked at you through the law because He is willing to give you unfailing mercies and grace.  Wow.  Aren't we blessed?

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