Monday, July 16, 2012

Childhood Memories

        I clearly remember the days of finger painting, tying shoes, fairy tales, cursive handwriting, ballerinas, swing sets, cooties, and baking cookies with Mommy.  I can tell a detailed story behind every one of these childhood memories that I won't ever be able to let go.  There will always be a part of me that is dedicated to my childhood.  I can remember how I always wanted to go the park and play on the castle swing sets where I really did feel like I was made to do something so special.  Standing on those castles welcomed me to exploring beyond what people told me I was capable of doing.  I flew by many different stages when I was little, and I love to reminisce on the days where life was carefree and simple; however, that carefree life seemed to fade away quickly just like a sunset fades into the horizon.  Even as I remember many of the things that I adored in my childhood, the one thing that I remember most is wanting to grow up.  I wanted to be a big girl and be able to do big girl things; however, I had no idea what came with so much responsibility.  My young naive mind was unprepared for the whirlwinds of this crazy world.  The one thing I regret about my childhood is that somehow, I always wished I were older.  Honestly, I wish I could freeze time and just soak up the moments before they are all fading away again.  I can't wait to grow up, but I want to experience what God has in store for me, first.  So...before you wish you had the privileges of an older version of "you," don't forget to be thankful for the moments you have right here, right now before they all just fade away yet again.

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