Friday, June 22, 2012

Forever With Us

How do we forget that we were made to love God and be loved by Him?  How can we forget that we are loved by a savior who died to know us?  How can we forget that?  Somehow, between the crazy chaos of the world, we forget who and whose child we are.  Why can't we keep God at the center of our hearts on the inside and out all the time?  Why is that so hard for us to do?  How do temptations get in the way of this love?  How?  I can't explain that...only God can, but I can explain how HIS love endures forever.  He doesn't leave us or forsake us like we betray Him.  He never forgets.  Christ is perfect in every way, and I am honored to be loved by a God who died to know me.  Even when we mess up, He is still there. Wow, aren't we all blessed for that!  God is forever faithful, forever strong, and forever with us.

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