Thursday, June 28, 2012

My Everyday Story

Jesus tells me that I can do anything I wish to do as long as I focus on who I am in Him.  He tells me to be courageous and awakens me to the endless possibilities of what I can accomplish.  He has shared His love story with me, and I have fallen into a love that I can’t leave.  It is now my responsibility to share this story with others.  Both my redemption and story of salvation have made me whole, and they remind me everyday that I am as precious as God says I am.  They remind me that I can do great things, as my Savior has a plan for me.  Jesus says I am His and that I am headed to great places.

When I am temporarily blinded by selfishness, he comes in like a light and burns away the bitterness.  Jesus has set me free in so many ways.  I don’t have to worry about the way other people label me because I am loved by the one who died for me.  I am no longer the orphan carrying bitterness, lies, and selfishness, but I am now a new person all because of Jesus.  I may not get what I want all the time, but God is the only one who knows what is best for my journey…so I trust.  I trust that He knows best, and I confront my fear before my failure so that I can overcome and become who I am meant to be with God.  

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Flower Art Friday: Beautiful, Beautiful

This is who God is..  GOD is beauty, peace, simplicity, love, salvation, redemption, courage, and so, so, so much more.  What does God mean to you?



God really blesses us with a beautiful creation.  All details of His flowers are perfectly laid out and planned for a purpose.  The sky is so carefully designed with twists and turns of clouds, rain, and shine.  Every part of nature is so perfect in its own way.  There is nothing that can steal away from its beauty.  My favorite thing to photograph is nature because it is just so amazing…even without editing.  Each flower is different from the next, as they are simply just a speck of God's creation. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Flower Art Friday


Fabulous Friday Challenge: God's Fence

God builds a fence around our hearts to keep us from wandering too far out of His sight.  He won't let us stray away for too long before we find Him again.  The fence that God guards our hearts with protects us from reaching too far.  It guides us along the boundaries of loving life and teaches us how to walk with God.  God's fence protects me.  Does it protect you?  Accept God's love and walk along the fence of salvation.

Forever With Us

How do we forget that we were made to love God and be loved by Him?  How can we forget that we are loved by a savior who died to know us?  How can we forget that?  Somehow, between the crazy chaos of the world, we forget who and whose child we are.  Why can't we keep God at the center of our hearts on the inside and out all the time?  Why is that so hard for us to do?  How do temptations get in the way of this love?  How?  I can't explain that...only God can, but I can explain how HIS love endures forever.  He doesn't leave us or forsake us like we betray Him.  He never forgets.  Christ is perfect in every way, and I am honored to be loved by a God who died to know me.  Even when we mess up, He is still there. Wow, aren't we all blessed for that!  God is forever faithful, forever strong, and forever with us.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Top of the Mountain

"Life is a climb, but the view is great."  

Life is certainly a tough battle to fight, but every step we take is worth the prize...eternal life.  Jesus died on a cross for my sins, so I owe it to him to share all I know about him to the world I live in.  God put me here to make a difference and to change this world.  I may not expect the surprises he puts in my life, but I will not question the journey he has given me to bring me where I am today.  I am so blessed to be able to know God and have the opportunity to freely worship him.  As ungrateful as I may act sometimes, I have to stop and be amazed at how wondrous God's creation is.  It is views like these that really show me how incredibly blessed I am to be alive.  There is a lot of hard situations in life, but being able to see this is what makes every single circumstance worthwhile.  #truly_blessed

Monday, June 18, 2012

The Hike of Life

         Life can be a hike sometimes, fluctuating its course from steep trails to rewarding views.  When the hike turns into a fragile walk with narrow boundaries lining you on each side, you can only stop and say a prayer for safety and hope that God will get you through anything.  No matter how confined we feel, the hikes of life can bring us to amazing places.  Yes, life does get hard, but the rewards that we receive are only distributed because of hard work that paid off.  Climbing a mountain sure is hard work, but the view at the top is worth every step.  Life can be hard work, too, but I could not ever replace this journey with anything.  The adventures through this life are made for us to realize how incredible God really is.  Climbing a mountain is just another adventure that helps me understand the immensity of God's creation in which I will never be able to fully grasp.  Thank you, Jesus!