Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Future

"Every experience God gives us and every person He puts in our lives are the perfect preparations for a future that only He can see." (Corrie ten Boom)

God knows best.  He can see our whole lives right before His eyes at any given moment, and we are filled with great confusion.  All of the trials He puts us through are to make us stronger and prepare us for what lies ahead.  Sometimes, not all things work out in our favor, but God can see our WHOLE lives, and He understands what we could never even begin to imagine.  He has something amazing in store for us all if we just reach out and grab the "prize."  His love in our hearts is what that prize is made of.  Nothing can replace the unconditional love from the Lord as its value and worth sweep us away.  He can see the future, and knows how to prepare us for it.  That is why we shouldn't question His plan because He already has it all figured out!

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