Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Feel free to imagine anything you wish; it goes on inside your head unless you make it a reality.  When you imagine greater things, it motivates you to do greater things.  As long as it isn't something completely berserk, reach to make your imagination into a reality.  Create your dreams on a canvas, and copy them into your life.  The wider your imagination grows, the better understanding you have.  Knowledge will bring you to an already known conclusion, but imagination gives you the ability to seek the unknown.

**Okay, I have a visual image to imagine**

Imagine a vast green field with wild flowers springing up out of the ground everywhere you look.  It smells like a greenhouse with fresh, new scents everywhere you turn.  You begin to walk up the inclined slope of the meadow where you wonder what lies on the other side of this unknown place.  As you finally reach the top, you see it...

What did you just imagine?

I imagine a big, bright rainbow pouring down over a steep lake that floods into an ocean.  What do you imagine over the inclined meadow?  

Remember, imagination gives you the ability to explore the unknown.  Use your imagination while you still have it.  One day, the creativity of your childhood might not be there to explore.