Friday, December 23, 2011

Fabulous Friday: On Top of the World


This is the little swing in the backyard that is never used anymore.  I used to love to sit on the swing and have my feet dangle from the seat.  I loved it when someone would push me and give me the feeling that I was flying.  Most of all, I loved the smile on my face and the idea that nothing could ever go wrong.  Now, it sits in the backyard lonely and unhappy.  It longs for someone to use it again and grasp the same feelings that I once had.  This swing is rarely used during special occasions.  Little cousins come to visit, and I can almost feel the feelings that they are feeling when they sit on that swing.  I can remember what it feels like to sit on a swing so high off the ground that you would severely hurt yourself if you were to fall.  It reminds me of the world.  Sometimes, it does hurt when I fail and stumble upon things, but I always have this random motivation to get back up and start over.  When I fell off the swing, I knew that I wanted to swing again because it was something I just couldn't resist.  Well, I can't resist what life has to offer me.  Maybe, one day, I will fully understand the significance of that swing.  As for now, I can only remember the feelings that I got when I was "on top of the world."


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